Hermetically Sealed Sovereignty

The Tory party’s outrageous proposal that employers produce a list of immigrant workers was, according to Amber Rudd, simply put forward as one among many of the tools available to encourage people ‘into better behaviour’, as a means of ‘flushing out’ companies that did not make sufficient effort to recruit locally trained people.

Whether it is one tool among many or not, the implication that positively discriminating on the grounds of ethnic origin is a manifestation of better behaviour, is a vile nod to historical British attitudes that were once commonplace – before Europe helped open our eyes – and a sanctimonious wink to fellow right wing elites who clearly believe that fomenting the same again today among sufficient swathes of the population has been good and just.

Behind this lies a foolish and misguided ambition to achieve what will transpire to be a deeply ugly, hermetically sealed sovereignty.

How ironic it is that one of the more hurtful accusations (inaudible mumbles) against supporters of Scottish independence in 2014 was that their fundamental outlook was informed by blood and soil nationalism, and that independence would inevitably pull up the draw bridge on Scotland’s involvement with the rest of the world.

When the question of independence is put back on the table, whether the Scottish economy as it stands – embedded within, and ultimately shaped to suit, the United Kingdom economy – would be in the best shape or not to embrace independence, should no longer carry the same weight.

What matters more now, as it already did to those who supported independence in 2014 anyway, is that our fundamental values, indeed our very way of life, are at risk.

I see it as no recompense that triumphant right wing nationalists will have restored full sovereignty to Westminster, because I am terrified what they will do with it. And I feel absolutely no kinship whatsoever with those who revel in discriminating against immigrants to achieve that power and authority.


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